mbboss    Sanco Specialties designs and manufactures parts for 1965 to 1970 Mustangs.  Most of the items we produce are as a result of building our own cars and trying to make them a little better, or simply parts we needed that we couldn't find available anywhere else.

Many of our parts are available through ebay, click on the ebay sign to the right to see what we have listed   >>>>>>
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Sanco Specialty Products

Order directly from Sanco Specialties by sending an email to: with your request.  We accept payment via paypal or check / money order through the US mail.

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SS Parts
   Staggered Shock Information

Fabricating the frame mounts for the Cobra Jet / Boss / Shelby staggered shock setup used from 68 to 70 was our first product.  Click on the picture for details on the staggered shock setup and information on making improvements to your Mustang chassis.   >>>>>

Staggered Shock

T/A Boss

Suspension Modification Tech Info

Technical Information on Suspension Modifications for 65 - 70 Mustangs can be found by clicking here  >>>>>
Dynacorn Dealer
  We found we could reduce the time and improve the quality of our projects by starting with Dynacorn sheet metal.  Contact us at the email if you are interested in purchasing Dynacorn products.  More Info   >>>>>

Kawaski Vulcan Coasters:

Sanco Specialties was the  first to manufactures Coaster Kits that fit Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycles.  These kits install in place of the exhaust reed valve plate and solve several problems, including backfiring.

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