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  We have a lot of experience rebuildingMustang bodies using components from many manufacturers.  Simply put, Dynacorn makes the highest quality reproduction panels available.  Typically, Dynacorn products fit better and are made of heavier material, usually even heavier than orignal.  This makes panels easier to fit and weld quicker and better.

  Sanco Specialties works with two Fort Worth area restoration shops that specialize in Mustang metal restoration.  Both shops have a strict policy of bidding jobs based on exclusive use of original Ford or Dynacorn parts.

 If you are interested in purchasing Dynacorn parts and live near the Dallas / Fort Worth area, please contact us, we are a high volume Dynacorn Dealer and can save you a ton on shipping.  If you are not local, we still may be able to offer you significant savings by having orders drop shipped direct to you.

Please click on the image below to see the Dynacorn Catalog:

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