These are weld-in lower control arm reinforcements described in the Ford / Autolite Boss 302 Chassis Modification for Trans Am Racing. These braces weld into the stock lower control arms of any 67, 68, 69 or 70 Mustang. This mod greatly strengthens the lower control arm that is subject to flex and bending under load. The original stock arms were designed for skinny 14 inch tires, 1/2 inch sway bar, and whimpy engines. This mod was done on the Trans-Am Racers to help handle the big tires, sway bars and big horsepower seen in racing. This is a great mod for your racer or street car if you have upped the tires/wheels, sway bars or horse power of your Mustang.

   This auction is for 2 steel .075" thick plates which are patterned after those used on the early Ford racing Mustangs. I used the currently popular Moog and Scott Drake lower control arms as templates for these. The should also work on original Ford or other brands, but be aware tolerances vary widely in parts made by a single manufacturer, so there is some risk these may not be an exact fit to your lower control arms. In all cases expect that some grinding and fitting will be required to get a good fit.

LCA 3  Price of $47.50 is for a Pair

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