Vulcan Reed Covers (Coasters)

Sanco Specialties manufactures a cover, which replaces the reed valve system utilized on the Vulcan.  The reed valve system is designed to aid in the burning of gases as they exit the engine.  The reed system has several negative impacts to performance and ride-ability, the worst of which is excessive backfiring during deceleration.  Other impacts of this design are Exhaust Pipe bluing, excessive exhaust heat, and engine heat. 

The reed covers completely replace the reed system.  Original reed plates, covers and hoses are removed and replaced with two aluminum plates.  Plates are made of 6061 T6 aircraft quality aluminum, and attached with stainless allen bolts and washers.  Gaskets are not supplied; however, original gaskets may be reused.  A quality silicon sealer will also work well, if the gasket is damaged during removal.


Sanco Specialties currently manufactures for most Vulcan models. Please see application info at the bottom of this page.


Early model 1500 and 500, 700, 750 - Designated 1500A-Coaster =>

Late Model 1500 & 1600 Models - Designated 1500B-Coaster


Cost for the reed cover kit is $25.00. This cost includes 2 Aluminum Covers, 4 Stainless Allen Bolts, 4 Stainless Flat Washers.

Shipping via Priority US Mail is flat rate of $4.75 in CONUS.

Sanco Specialties currently has both 1500A and 1500B design reed covers in stock.

The following excerpt is taken from the January 1998 VROC Gazette:

Reed Plate fix by Bob Reeves

They are the 2x3 "boxes" - one on each cylinder head, with 1/2" rubber tubing connected to them.  Each is held in place via 2 bolts.  The tubing connects to some EPA gizmo that also has a vacuum connection (1/4" hose) that's supposed to make the air fresher and safer for us all (unfortunately, it also occasionally blows off the entire exhaust system).

The first fix was to disable them by hammering them closed, which I did, and plug the hoses (suspenders and belt approach).  The 2nd fix is to buy Forrest's 'coasters' and throw the originals away - see above.

The major hassle I found was accessing the bolts that hold down the dang thing in - especially the rear one.  I have a set of ignition wrenches - like standard open/closed end wrenches but about 3" long.  I also removed the seat, the battery, and pulled the fuse holder assembly away to make access to the bolts easier.  Go slowly and carefully when actually removing the plates so as not to damage the gasket - this way you can reuse it whether putting back the modified plates OR Forrest's coasters.  I've reused mine twice now.

This fix is cheap (or free) and definitely worth it if you're backfiring on deceleration - stopped my backfiring completely.


Sanco Specialties accepts the following types of payment:

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To order a set of reed covers, send payment of $29.75, the address for shipping, and Vulcan Type information (1500A, Classic, Nomad, etc.) to


Sanco Specialties via US Mail or email (if paying by paypal)

Forrest Sanco
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Coaster Application Information



There are 2 types of reed valve systems (called "Air Suction Valve" by Kawasaki) used on Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycles. Sanco Specialties designates the early design as the 1500A - Coaster, and the late design as 1500B - Coaster. From 1996 to 1999, Vulcan's could have either configuration depending on the year, model, engine size, and delivery destination. There are 3 ways to verify which coaster your motorcycle needs, visual, model, or gasket part number. Sanco Specialties recommends that you determine the configuration, by using at least 2 of these methods.



Verification by Visual Inspection


There are 2 reed valves on each bike, located on the cylinders, attached to the cylinder with 2 10mm bolts. These can easily be inspected without removal of any parts. The one located on the rear cylinder is located on the backside of the cylinder and is the easiest one to view. The front reed valve is located between the cylinder and the radiator.


Above is a picture of the 1500A-Coaster. Notice that the bolt holes are located in the center of opposing sides. If the footprint of your reed valve is the same as above you need the 1500A-Coaster.

Below is a picture of the 1500B-Coaster. Notice that the bolt holes are located on the corners. If the footprint of your reed valve is the same as below, you need the 1500B-Coaster.




Verification by Year and Model



Vulcan 1500's and 1600's




All Vulcan 1500's made in 1995 and older use the 1500A Coaster





1996-1999 Vulcan Classics use the 1500B Coaster


1996-1999 Everything but Classics - VN1500, 1500A, SE, 1500L, Vulcan 88, Use the 1500A Coaster



2000 and Up


All 1500 and 1600 Vulcan's made 2000 and newer use the 1500B Coaster

(Classic, Drifter, Mean Streak, Nomad)




Bikes that are Smaller than 1500

(500, 700, 750*)


All Vulcan's smaller than 1500 use the 1500A Coaster.


*There is no information on the reed system for the 800, it may not have the reed system.



Verification by Gasket Part Number


Reed valve system configuration can also be verified through your local Kawasaki dealer. Call or stop by the parts department and ask them to give you the part number for your "Air Suction Valve Gasket".


If your bike uses the 11009-1879 gasket, you need the 1500A-Coaster.


If your bike uses the 11060-1733 gasket, you need the 1500B-Coaster.


Drop us an email if you have any questions or comments.

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